Wheat Cents (1909)-(1958)

My favorite coin to collect to this day is still lincoln wheat cents, these may be the best coin for beginning coin collectors due to the low cost and abundance of them. Save for a few unique coins such as the (1909 s vdb) the rarest of wheat pennys, most dates and mints are not very difficult nor expensive for somebody new to the world of numismatists to obtain. I like to buy wheat cents on eBay in unsearched bags. The sizes can range from one pound to 5,000 unsearched coins. Or you can find them by the roll anywhere from $5 to $10 bucks a piece. Buying these coins unsearched in bulk gives you the pleasure of searching through them one at a time inspecting quality, dates, mint marks all the while knowing you could hit the jackpot and find the 1909 s vdb or a rare error coin. One thing to keep in mind while buying coins from places such as eBay is that the term "unsearched" is thrown around pretty loosely by shady coin dealers trying to unload low grade common date coins. A way to insure the quality of what you order is to read reviews from people that have purchased from the seller your considering buying from, if former customers are saying this was a great deal with lots of rare finds then your sellers probably pretty honest and hasn't picked through the good coins. If reviews say lots of repeat dates all 40's and 50's common cents then this dealer is probably one to avoid. always do your homework and know who your buying from. I just thought it was only right to start the Pennie jar with an article on Pennys. There's much more to the world of wheat Pennys alone I could go on and on about. You'll find I come back to this topic more than once as you continue to follow my blog.