Instead of paying for expensive software to catalog your coin collection, here is a simple method I use to keep track of my coins. The table is pretty self explanatory, I have 9 different attributes that I record for each coin.
1.) Denomination: The face value of the coin.
2.) Type: the coin type, an example of some different Pennie types are flying eagle, Indian head, Wheat cent.
3.) Year: the year the coin was minted.
4.) Mint Mark: the Mint Mark on the coin, D-Denver, CC-Carson City, S-San Fransisco, P-Phillidelphia.
5.) #Minted:The number Of that type of coin minted that year.
6.)Grade:The Condition of the coin.
7.)Composition: What the coin is made out of.
8.)Amnt. Paid: The price I paid for the coin.
9.)Coin ID# A number or code to help track and organize your collection.
This is just my personal way of doing it. Of course you can categorize your collection anyway you want. This is a simple table you can create for a word document or using HTML ( hyper text markup language) like I did.
Denomination Type Year Mint Mark #Minted Grade Composition Amnt. Paid Coin ID#
Penny Wheat 1943 S 4,334,837 VG Steel $0.25 A0001
Dollar Morgan 1886 CC 767,800 VF Silver $27.00
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