Occasionally I will buy a single coin that I really want, or may need to finish a certain set I've been working on. Although I don't get the same rush of excitement as I do when I get the opportunity to sort through a large pile of unsearched coins.

    Most recently I was able to do this when finnaly a much anticipated package containing about 5,000 unsearched Lincoln Wheat Cents arrived at my door step via ups. The package wasn't much bigger than a hard back novel, but surprisingly heavy as it nearly slipped from my grasp when the ups driver handed it to me. I was already tearing into the package before I could fully shut the door. I dumped the entire contents of the box on my living room table already spotting some nice looking coins.

     It appears at first glance that I got a good deal and what looks to be a truly unsearched package. A good way to increase your chances of buying a truly unsearched lot is to look at the customer reviews of different sellers. Compare comments and feedback looking for satisfied customers that have found rare coins in similar lots. Typically shady sellers pick out all of the good coins and selling only commons, there feedback will reflect this. Honest sellers tend to stay honest while lesser dealers stay the same. Customer reviews are very good way to judge the quality of the lot you might purchase.

     Now that you've done your homework you can reap the rewards of your newly purchased lots. You'll be surprised at how much fun you will have sorting through dates and mint marks picking out key dates & or error coins. Often I will sort through a whole lot in one sitting, while the hours tick by unnoticed. Now after diligently searching through 5,000 coins, I'm left with a good size pile of key dates including a beautiful 1913-S, about a dozen Indian head cents, and even a mercury dime that somehow slipped into the mix unnoticed.

    Im actually a little depressed that the thrill of the hunt has ended. By the end of the day I'm already back to shopping for my next lot to sort. Please share your great finds with us. Happy hunting