Growing up less fortunate (basically poor) taught me a great deal about life as well as how to save money. Bitten by the collecting bug at a young age I had to find ways to get the coins I wanted at very little cost. While working my first job at 15, I began noticing quite a few wheat Pennys and other old coins in my till at the end of the night. I started to bring a pocket full of change to work so I could swap out the old coins in my cash register for the modern change in my pocket. After doing this for a couple of months I had amassed an impressive amount of wheat cents, silver coins, buffalo nickels and more.
I'm sure many of you don't have time to take up cashiering part time to support your hobby. There is an alternative. First find out if you have any family or friends that run a cash register, or better yet work as a bank teller. If you do, talk to them about your interest in coins, find out if they would be willing to keep an eye out for old coins for you. Most of the time people are glad to help out when your asking such a small favor. Suppose you don't know anybody that works around money on a daily basis, the next best thing to do is talk to managers at convenience stores, see if one of them would be willing to sell their change to you. Managers have to take this change to the bank anyways, you would be saving them the trip. You'll be surprised how willing people are to get rid of their change.
Finnaly one of my favorite and most rewarding ways of getting coins, the bank. The bank Is the end of the road for all currency. Eventually all the change and cash collected at every store and business ends up at the bank. This greatly improves your odds of finding hidden gems. Sometimes you can develop a friendship with a bank teller and they can hook you up with the goods. Otherwise buy coin rolls by the box. For example I might ask for a box of pennies, each box contains 50 rolls. You get $25 worth of pennies for $25! Take it home pick out the good coins, roll up the rest and trade them in for another box, you can do this for years and over time your sure to end up with many rare finds, and only at the cost of a Pennie each.